Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Working on Birthday presents

My little boy Diego will be 5 on May 17.... i need to make something cool and special for him.. but what? another painted rock? another pillow? curtains? ... scarf? beanballs? all of those things have been already made for him.. he is into BAkugans.. * ideas? *

My little girl Dani will be 3 on June 11... for her it's more easier to come up with ideas.. she would LOVE more play food made out of crochet.. she wants an ice cream cone, a cake.. anything princess or pony related will make her day.. but again, ideas?

Then two of her best friends' have birthdays coming up!! one will be 3 on May 17 ( so special! just like her big brother Diego ) and her other best friend actually shares the same birthday with her?? how coooool is that? it was destiny for them to meet I think, Ella Dani's other's best friend will be 3 on June 11, they are only 7 hours apart and were born on the same hospital same floor, her mom and I met 7 weeks later by accident on an yahoogroup.. yep destiny.

I just thought I would share those cool stories.

Here are my kids two friends whose birthdays are coming up!

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