Friday, May 1, 2009

Latest Hats for friends' of my kids

My little hats ( following the pattern from my How to Crochet KLUTZ book ) have been a big hit with my daugther's friends, here are two more of her bestfriends modeling the latest hats. ;)

My daugther found another hat that I had made for a friend's little girl who lives far away and has claimed it's hers... sigh.. she also found the play food that I have been working so hard on to give to her for her birthday present, well, at least she loved it ;)

These are the two hats for my friend's little girls who live back on PEI where I used to live

Also here is a little fairy portrait that I drew to thank one of my oldest and dearest online friend, mostly for being such a good friend and always listening to my rants

Something that is really bothering me today are the wildfires burning around my beautiful city ( Halifax, Nova Scotia ) you can read up on it here, but thank goodness at this hour they are under control is it raining right now, I have never been so happy to see it rain.. Halifax Wildfires

pss.. one more thing, do you love OWLS??? I do! take a look at this wonderful Owl artist I found today
April Has No Time For Bloggin


Sara said...

Cute hats!

I really like your drawing. Her face shape is lovely.

Salihan said...

Wow! Love your drawing!

Your girls look so cute in the hat their Mamma made them. :) The crochet flowers are a nice touch.

Diana Jiron Graff said...

Hehehe thank you Salihan, actually only the black hair little girl is mine ;) the blond little girl and the brunette are my friends' daugthers, and also my daugther's best friends ;)

thank you Sara! coming from you it means a lot, you are on deviant too are you not?

BaPsy said...

Awww... this portrait is so beautiful! I wish I could draw as half as good as you! Wonderful work! :)