Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hedgehog from Ana Paula's "Amigurumi World Book"

I am making my little man a birthday present for Sunday.. the big day when he will be turning 5.
They read a book at the preschool about a hedgehog at the beginning of the school year, I found it very cute and he loved the book.. so I decided to crochet him a little hedehog with a little apple stuck to the back, here is the book that the little hegdehog that I am trying to recreate is from:

And finally here is where I am getting the pattern from ;) from this awesome book... Amigurumi World, the author is such a nice lady, and very kind too, go visit her blog, and buy her books! yes there is two of them.
(family and friends you can now find this book on my wish list at amazon * hint hint * )

So any way here is what I have so far, I am struggling with the fur or spikes on the hedgehog's back.. I don't think I can follow her pattern, my brain is not making sense of it.. so I might try something else form another one of her patterns ;)

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