Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Amigurumi Mermaid - pattern by AnaPaoli

I finished a new little mermaid for one of my good friend's little girl, who just happens to be one of my daughter's best friend. On Saturday we are going to her third birthday ;) this mermaid has been very costume made for her, she asked for the purple tail and purple hair. Think she will like it?

I also fixed Danielita's dollie for her, the neck wasn't holding the head up, so I had to re open the dollie and add a wooden ' spine', and that did the trick.

Then you can see the next mermaid in line, it's for one of my best friend's little girl who lives in Quebec, this will be a very late birthday present I am afraid.
I am really getting a lot out of this pattern ;0) love it!

On another note, this is the latest stray that I picked up, I found her wondering on a busy street, I almost hit her with our van, I have been calling vet clinics and shelters and every number that I can think of for a week trying to find her owner. So far no luck.. isn't she a doll? Mean while my husband is ready to divorce me over my latest rescue project, I had promised him that the last stray was the last one..

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knittingturnip said...

I love this little mermaid, An I love the purple colorours you have choiche! the new siren is growing up very pretty!