Monday, October 5, 2009

New Crochet Mermaids - Pattern by AnaPaoli

I made these two new mermaids for two of my kids' friends, who just happen to be sisters ;) I hope they liked them, their mom Julie, who is a dear friend picked them up on her way home tonight. This was a very very late birthday present, I have learned my lesson, I will start all birthday presents well in advance.
This pattern is by the very sweet and talented AnaPaulaoli on Etsy

When my little girl saw the dolls and me taking photos, she ran to get her own dollies, and we had a nice photo session with Mermaids and her doll Pink, and her favorite doll of all times, ' Dollie', she is the reason why I started making my own dolls. I am happy that she also likes the ones that I have made for her so far ( the pink little girl and the purple mermaid, pattern also by Anapaulaoli.

I haven't posted a good photo of this either, it's a lady bug purse that I made for Dani earlier in the summer. I got this purse pattern from CrochetVillage on Etsy, she is also a very sweet lady, I plan to get more patterns from her in the future.

Finally a few shots of one of the biggest love of my life, my dear 17 year old PooToo, the orange kitty all curled up. She's been diagnosed with Cancer and is not expected to last much longer. I am trying to say my goodbyes and having a hard time with it. She truly is my oldest friend.

It's funny that it would be on her last year of her life that she would find a cat that she finally tolerates. She's never liked any cats.. well except for her own babies ( she had 3 ) and her sister Gordita ( my mom's 17 year old cat ). But here is proof of her eating with Gary our 3 year old deaf kitty. Maybe he is just a very special kitty, he has to be to win her over like that. This has never been seen PooToo sharinga food dish.. I thought I would never see the day.

Poor Gris watches on, she's always dreamed of sharing a dish with PooToo.. ( she is the gray kitty )

Finally his plan has been revealed! you see before he picked this spot to sit on, there used to be a ceramic cat there, looking just like that, funny enough this same cat broke it last week, and now look at him! he wanted to BE the cat in the mantel!


sukigirl said...

You have such an amazing blog!
I love seeing all the cute crochet items that you have made your daughter and all her friends..that's so sweet!
I really appreciate the lovely comment that you left on my blog about losing my sweet dog. You also have such a sweet animal in your life...your sweet cat PooToo. I just wanted to send you hugs and I hope your cat still has many wonderful days ahead with your family.
hugs suki

Salihan said...

I'm sorry to hear about PooToo. I hope his life will be celebrated and that all the love that you have for each other will help carry you and your family through this difficult time.

On a happier note, your daughter and the mermaid dolls look fabulous together.

Take care Diana!

Diana Jiron Graff said...

Thankyou SukiGirl, I know that you just went through such a huge loss, I Am very sorry, you can always tell when a pet was loved like a family member by the way they are grieved.

Thank you both Suki and Salihan, the truth is, PooToo has had such a wonderful life, she's been spoiled rotten and still is, she is still here with me, and I think I have made my peace and said my goodbyes, I am ready to let her rest when the time comes. But for now I am enjoying her as much as I can ;)