Monday, September 21, 2009

Baby Shower gift - Pattern used by Amy Gaines

This weekend I went to a dear friend's baby shower :) here is what I made for her using Amy Gaines ( on Etsy ) pattern ;) my friend seemed to like it, now I am finishing two more like this one for 2 other friends, I just ran out of stuffing... so I need to pick up more today before I see one of those friends on Wednesday ;)

ESPANOL: Este fin de semana fui a una fiesta de regalos para una amiga embarazada aqui le llaman ' Babyshower'. Aqui esta lo que le hize a mi amiga, usando el patron que compre en etsy de Amy Gaines

Here is a photo of the beautiful baby shower card that I gave my friend provided by my very talented and crafty friend Julie, please visit her blog if you are into greeting cards and stamping up ;) she is amazing!!!

ESPANOL: Aqui esta una foto de la tarjeta que le di que hizo mi otra amiga que hace de este tipo de arte, tarjetas usando estampas.. hace bellezas! Visiten a Julie para ver el resto de su arte.

And finally here is a photo of what my daughther and her bestfriend got into during the babyshower. While the moms and grandmas were all cooing over the big belly, they were busy ' decorating ' her friend's room with tons of gift wrapping paper.. they said they were playing that it was Dani's birthday ( that would be my little one ). Before my friend got too mad at them and made them clean up, which she never did, she found it amusing too, I ran to get the camera and take this shot ;)

ESPANOL: Foto de mi hija y una de sus mejores amigas, y lo que hizieron mientras las mamas estaban en la fiesta de la embarazada, ellas decoraban el cuarto de la amigita usando este papel de regalo..

Pregnant me and my pregnant friend:

ESPANOL: Yo con 4 meses de embarazo y mi amiga que esta a punto de tener.


Sara said...

How adorable! I looove the face on the cloud...

Julie Mutch said...

Your little baby mobile is sweet, Diana! Thanks for the lovely comments on my card, too. I'm so glad she liked it. :)


Sonya said...

The one with the sun, cloud and raindrops is adorable. They are all very pretty.