Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Amigurumi Mermaid ( second Mermaid )

Hi, I am making a new mermaid this time it was supposed to be a birthday present for one of my children's friend, but my daughter has fallen in love with her, and I can't take away another mermaid from her.. so I will just have to make a whole new one for this little girl and for now, this is Dani's mermaid ;0)
You can find this lovely mermaid pattern here at Ana PaulaOli's Etsy Store

Here is the work in progress, I will post her once the hair is added.

Here is Dani adding a cupcake to the mermaid's body as a head, she thought that was hilarious


morita said...

Preciosa la sirena ,te felicito tejes precioso...haaa y el patrón de la melody ya esta en mi blog ,para que la hagas un abrazo....

Diana Jiron Graff said...

Muchisimas Gracias Morita!!! sabes como hasta ahorita estoy empezando a crochet.. no le entiendo a tus instrucciones * lloro *
Pero gracias por compartirlas, espero entenderlas un dia que sepa leer mejor crochet ;)

sukigirl said...

What a cute little mermaid...you did a great job!
I really like how you did the embroidery for her face.
That's something I need to practice on more.

morita said...

Hola amiga ¿ que es lo que no entiendes ? dime ,haber si te puedo ayudar, explicandotelo de otra manera, escribeme a mi correo ,mori_ta_@hotmail.com ,un abrazo.... ,