Monday, June 15, 2009

2 more Amigurumi hedgehogs coming up!

Now that my little girl's birthday is over.. I am actually going to sit down and make her something special...tsk.. tsk
I concentrated too much on making the cupcakes to give away at her party and the dollie for her bestfriend, and the candy for her other bestfriend that she ended up with nothing specially made for her! the most important and special little girl there is in my world..

So I am making her a mermaid.. and a dollie and a giraffe and a purse and butterflies.. it might take me all summer long but I am doing it ;) and for my Diego, well what ever he wants I will make ;)

Any hoo, so this week I am making 2 hedgehogs to give away at the graduation on Friday, my big boy is graduating from preschool.. oh the tears that are coming.. 2 of his friends will get a hedgehog and he will get something special not, not sure what yet ;)

Here is the dollie and the coat or dress hangers that I handpainted for my little girl's best friend, again the dollie pattern is by Ana Paula ;) go visit her blog and visit her at Etsy to check out her other patterns ;)