Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I have been up to

I am supposed to be working on catbeds for a cat shelter, but I have been busy making presents for friends, and my friend's kids, it seems that every one that I know was born in the Spring...

This was my latest project, to make a sweet little ladybug rock for one of my bestfriends, the rock is for her, the hat is for her little girl, and the beanbag is for her little boy ;)

I did manage to finish two cat beds for one of the cat shelters, here they are, my cats, PooToo and Garfield were just testing them, after these beds are done ( 3 more to go ) I will take a break to make some extra special and fuzzy ones for my furry munchkins.

My kids, and my furry kids ;)

1 comment:

Salihan said...

I am in love with the rock! How did you make it? What paint did you use? I want to make some! I love love love it! P.S. Your cats, kids and FOs are very nice too!