Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Did you say a little prayer for Rocky?

If you did, thank you, that might have saved our big boy, we brought him back from the Vet on Saturday night, I gave PJ the kitty that lives at the vet one of my CatBeds as a thank you present. He didn't do as much as the Vet did, but every time that I had to go he was my comfort.

Rocky came home in one piece, he was so happy to be home though, that he would not stop rubbing him self against us and playing like the little kitty that he is, that was on Saturday. By Sunday night, we notice stuff coming out from in between his stitches, in a panic we took him to our local Emergency Clinic. By the time we got there so much was coming out of him that I thought we were going to loose him for sure. After a second surgery to re open him up and to clean what had come out and to patch him back up, he was able to come home on that very same night. Now we are keeping him locked up in our bathroom away from high counters and the activity of the house... He is a very lucky boy to be alive, and so are we, since on the night that we had to drive him to the Vet there was a weather warning and cops were telling people to get off the road, we were slidding on our big red van all over the road, it took us so long to get to the Vet that it gave Rocky time to do more damage to him self.. it was quiet the ordeal.

Well he is home today all better, in pain ( I can tell ) but happy once again to be home with his family. He better last a couple of decades as my older cat PooToo ( 17 years old ) has ;)


Salihan said...

Poor Rocky! Hope he gets better soon.

Sara said...

Poor boy! It's so hard to watch it as they are sick... I hope he makes a speedy recovery! <3

He's gorgeous, reminds me so much of my old kitty, Simon. ^^