Monday, October 11, 2010

Finished hats for my friend

I finished the hats that my friend asked me to do for her munchkins! I am so proud of my self!!!! I got them done in a week,
the 'inspiration ' for the lady bug hat that actually looks like a lady bug came from here: although hers is much nicer, I did not buy the pattern for it, and I only made it for this friend.

The other hats are what my friend requested, the monkey and the lady bug hat with out a face are both just beanie hats with ear protectors added and then with embellishments ;) Here are some links on how to crochet a simple beanie. Believe me I could teach my self from watching these videos and reading books so can you.

I also made a mermaid for my mom's bestfriend's grandchild:

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Tracy.H said...

Love these! Those ladybug hats are just too cute! I will have to check out the links. Thanks! :0)