Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Babies are keeping my hands tied!

Hi I haven't posted anything, but I have actually been crocheting like a spider some ' Zhu Zhu pouches' for my kid's friends.. For every birthday that we have gone to we have given out a Zhu Zhu pouch or in the case of one of my daughters' bestfriend we gave her a handmade dollie ;) here are the photos of the crafts that I managed to do this summer:

This last photo is of my daugther who still loves to play with all the stuff that I have made her since I have started crocheting


Tracy.H said...

These are very cute! I need to post on my crochet blog too. Been making some blankets with arms for the kids...then it's my turn! :0)

Julie Mutch said...

Diana, these are just sweet! My girls wanted some of the accessories for their Zhu Zhu pets, but I couldn't justify the price they wanted for them, so I held off. Maybe Auntie Diana would like to make them each a little purse for the upcoming birthdays! lol :)

We've got to get together again soon. I'll let you know about the corn maze. The kids would like to go. Jim's going away next week for a couple of months, so I'll need a day away from the city, I'm sure. I'll be in touch.