Friday, February 5, 2010

New Crochet Hats! Nuevos Gorritos echos a crochet

I made these two first hats for a friend from college's little boy and little girl.. but my own two want to keep the candy corn hat, so I either replace it or let them keep it and keep my friend waiting ;)

ESPANOL: Hice estos gorritos para los hijos de una vieja amiga de College, pero mis hijos ( que ven en esta foto ) quieren ese gorrito de caramelo.. asi que les voy a tener que hacer uno, o quedarme con este.

Then the monkey hat is for a friend of a friend's ;) not a kid but a kid at heart.

ESPANOL: El gorrito de mono es para una amiga de una amiga.

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Julie Mutch said...

Super cute hats, Diana! Love the monkey one especially - too cute!

Thanks for your recent note - I appreciate you thinking of me. My MRI scan is on Tues., then surgery should be soon after that. I'll keep ya posted.

Send me a note when you new little bambino arrives. The countdown is on now... :)

Take care,