Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Snow Man Hat - Mi gorrito de hombre de nieve

ENGLISH:I have been admiring beautiful snow man hats in Etsy.. dreaming of buying the patterns.. but those days are gone, I can't afford to do that any more, and I have been crocheting for a year now so I should be able to figure them out on my own right?
Right... well here is my attempt at mimicking some of those talented ladies at Etsy ;)
My own version of the snowman hat, with a few changes to make it my own ;)

ESPANOL: He estado admirando gorritos de hombre de nieve en Etsy.. sonnando con el dia que pudiera comprar los patrones para hacerlos.. Pero como no puedo estar comprando mas alli, y ademas ya tengo un anno crocheting, decidi intentar hacer mi propia version del gorrito ;) Asi que aqui esta mi gorrito de hombre de nieve, modelado por mis dos ninnos y dos de sus amiguitas ;)


۞ lu ۞ said...

estan lindos Dianita!!!

un abrazo,

Salihan said...

The hats you crochet are so cute! This snowman one is my favourite. :) -