Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blog Give away by Kokoro

Hey there! now that I have discover the wonderful ' Amigurumi Groups ' in Flickr I have been meeting a lot of nice people. Following link to link I ran intot his wonderful lady from Argentina who just happens to be a wicked Amigurumi Creator, she goes by the name of Kokoro and right now she is having a Blog Give Away! in honour of Friendship day which is celebrated on July 20th in Argentina. So if you like Amigurumi's and like to visit blogs to win prices then this is a good chance, go check it out!


celia said...

Hola Diana, mira aquí te pongo la página picasa de los looneys:
y decirte que tienes muy buenos trabajos..

Diana Jiron Graff said...

Ah!!!! Gracias Gracias Celia!!!!