Friday, January 23, 2009

I found some great places for the knitters and crochet fans out there

HI, I have taken a project on, I am very very serious about making these kitty beds... for my local SPCA, I posted an add on my local kijiji site about it and got an amazing amount of positive responses.. so now my next mission is to organize a meeting with fellow cat lovers to work on these beds.. Enough said here are the links to these beautiful cat beds.

I got the idea from this lady here: Crochet Kitte's free kitty bed pattern

You can find other free patterns here:
Free Patter from Midnight Knitter

and here:Crochetville Forum

I put this idea out there too... maybe you reading this might do the same for your local SPCA? specially during this horrible cold winter.

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elexisb said...

Oh my gosh that is so great. I've never knitted or anything like that, but the thought of animals in shelters or stray animals literally keeps me awake at night and eats my insides. What an awesome thing you're doing. I truly mean that. Please do post again about your progress on this! Great job!!